Saturday, 30 June 2012


It was amazing, especially when we arrived at Broadmead. Many people were surprised to see us as they have never seen an asylum seeker before.
I think our message was passed to the people and now they know in Bristol that there are big difficulties for asylum seekers. Now many more people will say that asylum seekers are human beings too and that there should be equality rather than divide people by color or nation.
We are all human. I think people after today should meet and discuss asylum and the human rights violations.”
Omid from Iran

Tweets and Pics from the day

Tom who came over from Wales to support us here in Bristol has put together this brilliant Storify account of the day according to social media, including reactions from general public.

Gathering in Queens Square

Listening to asylum seekers talking about their experiences in Queens Square by the Legal Services Commission. Legal Aid cuts are affecting the ability for asylum seekers and other immigrants in getting a fair just hearing in the British legal system.


Outside Trinity Police Station

Remembering our friends who have been detained in Trinity Road police station.

Marching on Stapleton Road!

Great Atmosphere and support from people on Stapleton Road and a big cheer outside Bristol Refugee Rights Welcome Centre at Newton Hall!

The Home Office, often don't believe what we say. But the asylum system is like a torture and today we are taking our real stories to the streets of Bristol. We hope that people will listen to us and join with us.”
Esam Amin, from Iraq

Why we are demonstrating....

“Today we want to tell the people what we are going through. We have been suffering so much. But people don't know. They think we are taking their money and their houses, which is not correct. Some of us are living on £5 a week, can you imagine?”  
 Felicia from the border of Liberia and Sierra Leone

Come and March With Us!

“We hope that support for today's march will send a strong message of welcome and help create concrete, positive change.” 
Alice Cutler who is working with Dignity for Asylum Seeker. 

Asylum seekers on the march are supported by a number groups including Bristol Refugee Rights, Refugee Women of Bristol, the Bristol Hospitality Network and Bristol Defend the Asylum Seekers campaign. This is the first time they have marched together in Bristol for all asylum seekers. 

Monday, 25 June 2012

Listen to ujima radio talking to some asylum seekers and others about asylum on 31th May.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

radioKEBELE spoke with Camera who's part of the committee for the Dignity for Asylum seekers demo about the demo and the situation of asylum seekers in the UK.

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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Demonstration on Saturday 30th June

Join us on a demonstration in support of Asylum Seekers

*MEET Stapleton Road Station, by Eastside Roots Garden Centre at 11am
*MARCH together, passing some of the places that help tell our story
*SHOUT OUT against these injustices
*GATHER at Queen's Square, City Centre to eat, drink together & plan next steps.