About Us

We, asylum seekers, were forced to run from our countries, our lives at risk, we left everything, our homes and our families.
We came to this country to find a place for peace and safety.
But here we have many problems – with accommodation and food, we are not allowed to work, we can't access benefits, education and even some health services.

We are treated as criminals, but we have done no crime, we can't get solicitors, our cases are refused, we have to sign at the police station, we live under threat of detention and deportation. These things make us depressed, stressed, and ill.

We challenge the myths told about us; We are human like you, we have families here or in our countries who are also suffering, we just want to live in dignity!

Talking with our friends and supporters, we know that people want to help to change this unjust system. In Bristol over the last years we have demonstrated when our friends are detained, we have campaigned against cuts to legal advice, we have appealed for our rights, but we feel that things are getting worse and we are stuck.

Enough is Enough! We ask you to join us, to say these Home Office policies, are not happening in your name.”


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