Saturday 12 January 2013

"I didn't choose this life, the home office choose for me this life."

There is a deliberate policy to make asylum seekers homeless, stuck with in limbo, with their lives at a standstill, asylum seekers waiting for fresh evidence, who are unable to be sent back are stuck, destitute, not allowed to work, not eligible for benefits.

Charities fill the gap in Bristol, helping where they can with meals and food handouts, but they cannot relieve the mental anguish that this situation causes, constantly worrying about where their food and housing will come from, unable to feel safe and feeling like their life is worthless.

Do you agree it's not ok that this country has a policy to make asylum seekers destitute?
Then join us this Monday 14th evening from 7pm for the Sleep Out in the Chains of Destitution in support of those who have no choice but to sleep out or come on Tuesday 15th from midday to support Bristol City Council as they vote on whether to make a statement against this policy and aim to do all they can to help.

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