Wednesday 20 August 2014

For an end to detention centres

Movement for Justice have been organising monthly demonstrations at Harmonsworth Detention Centre, strongly giving the message that Detention must End.

Dignity for Asylum Seekers will join this protest on September 13th.  

The End of Detention Centres

We are going to the protest because we need the government to hear about the problem of asylum seekers and refugees. They must listen to us and solve the problem of our asylum applications taking a very long time and then often being wrongly refused. The Home Office must make fair decision on our cases. Our lives are stopped when they make wrong decisions – they cut our air, we can't breathe.

We come from different countries and we face hardship, fighting, war. In many cases the British Government has been involved and has some responsibility for the people whose lives have been uprooted. We come here but our problems continue.

They detain us. Detention is like a jail, they put the persons in the jail yet they aren't guilty. They haven't done anything. They have not committed a crime. So why they stay inside a detention centre? We need our freedom back. If we make more protest we can help more people get out, and come together and spread the news and tell the Home Office to close all these detention centres.

The solution is to close all these detention centres, and instead look at our cases fairly and give people the right to remain.

We need all the MP's to understand this. They can't forget us. We will keep knocking at their doors. They must listen to the people and stand with us. They must write to the Home Office to support us.

We go there because we are inspired by Movement for Justice. We feel part of a European movement of people fighting for the rights of all migrants. We spread the word and the news of the campaign to end detention to other people and inivte everyone to join together, from other cities. We must spread the news on the internet, and on tv and in newspapers that are not against us.

Detention is no good for us. You detain a person and you take away their freedom of movement. It is not fair to take this away. This unjustice does not solve their problem, it makes the pressure on our lives bigger.

We hope we close all detention centres. They shouldn't deport people. Where do we go? Its not safe. If we go back maybe they kill us. Anything could happen to our safety. We need a safe place and live in Dignity.

If you would like to come with us, please email

Photo: Flyer for Surround Harmondsworth #4 Get the word out & plan to get there by any means necessary! Build the movement to #ENDdetention #ENDFastTrack & STOP the scapegoating of immigrants

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