Thursday 13 November 2014

Long Walk To Patchway..Long Walk to Freedom

Dear friends,

We invite you to our Campaign Launch Night:

'The Long Walk to Patchway, The Long Walk to Freedom'

27th November, 6.30pm –

Speakers      Short films     Food       Drumming      Dancing

Asylum seekers and other migrants are required to regularly report to the UK Border Agency.

Every time someone turns up to sign, there is a chance they will be detained with no warning, transported to a detention centre and deported to a country they had to flee from. For many, reporting to the UKBA is a terrifying and stressful experience.

In October, the signing location was moved from the centre to Patchway. A 14 mile round trip. Some people are having to walk as dont have the money for the bus, some have to take their children out of nursery to attend, others are missing college. Some have to make the journey every week.

UKBA have said they will review the decision at the end of December.

We are organising a month of action in December. 

UKBA must end reporting at Patchway. They must reduce signing frequency.

Come to the launch night to meet people and find out more. All proceeds from food go towards our detention legal fund.

6.30pm, 27th November

Kebele Social Centre, 14 Robertson Road, Easton

building our movement to end detention

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