Friday 21 September 2012

Mohammed Detained again

I am writing with the sad news that Mohammed Shahidul Islam  was detained on Wednesday 12/9/2012, when he went to sign at Trinity Road Police Station for UKBA.

Mohammed is one of our chefs at Bristol Refugee Rights and he has got alot of friends and we are trying to help him until he is released and to back with us because we really need him.

Mohammed left Bangladesh 20 years ago and has made his home here without costing the UK anything, except the cost of imprisoning him. He is very organized and he doesn't lose the opportunity to joke with the others and make people laugh.

No one is ever illegal. Mohammed belongs in his community in Bristol. Here's someone who has done nothing, but contribute to Bristol society, so he's imprisoned for deportation. Shameful. The City of Bristol will be the loser if Mohammed is deported. He is skilled, loyal and hard-working and we need people like him.

After 12 years and a clean record should be able to stay in this country don't send Mohammed back to Bangladesh.

We want him back. FREE MOHAMMED


What can you do?

1) Sign the petition

2) Donate any amount of money via Bristol Refugee Rights to help cover the costs of supporting Mohammed whilst he is in detention e.g. topping up his phone credit, money for toiletries, help with travel expenses for those that go to visit him.

3) Be on standby for contacting the airline.

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