Tuesday 7 August 2012

Update on Camara's situation

Camara has removal directions for this Saturday. The UKBA have not issued an immigration decision which means removal directions for this Saturday are now lawful. Camara's solicitor has requested to see the immigration decision but they have not sent it.
Camara is currently being held in this prison although he has committed no crime. It is known as Colnbrook Immigration removal Centre

This means that to postpone the removal directions we need to do what is called a Judicial Review, where UKBA's actions (or lack of) are reviewed in court and a Judge stops the removal.

A judicial review costs more than £1000. This should be covered by legal aid. However the solicitors firms that work in detention centres were chosen by the Home Office and the majority do not have a good reputation among asylum seekers of providing a good service to the clients.

We are faced with the choice of pressuring Duncan Lewis, the solicitor firm who Camara saw in detention to do a Judicial Review, or fundraising to pay a solicitor privately.

Legal Justice just for the powerful and privileged? Or for all?

If you are able to make a donation towards his legal fees, and others in a similar situation, please do so through Bristol Refugee Rights.

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