Thursday 27 June 2013

At Bristol Lord Mayor's Tea Party

Over 100 people came to the Lord Mayor's House in Bristol on 19th June, including City of Sanctuary, Still Human, Still Here, the Lord Mayor Faruk Choudhury, Mayor of Bristol George Ferguson, asylum seekers and refugees, there was a really nice atmosphere. 

Patrick sang his song about Bristol, city of sanctuary and spoke wonderful words about refused asylum seekers whose basic human rights are violated and some people wore boiler suits with slogans about asylum seekers on them.

Mahsa, an asylum seeker who has been turned down, gave speech about the experiences of herself, her mother and her brother. She told us how she felt when the refusal letter came and her family had to leave the house without any support. She asked how she could prove herself, she was just here in UK for one year, she talked about her unclear future, not even knowing what will happen tomorrow. The government may detain them, her mother needs to be looked after and her brother has to move from place to place.

In the garden
Manesh spoke briefly about destitute asylum seekers issues, those who have not got any support such as a somewhere to stay, food to eat and how they must to go to the police station to report to the home office and give an address. He spoke how these trials can bring up a lot of mental problems and also talked about family life, because people are here for years and years and they can't see their family. He invited all the people to come to Dignity for Asylum Seekers March to raise awareness and end the destitution. 

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