Monday 3 June 2013

Theatre for Social Justice

We are excited to see that other asylum seekers are using theatre to speak out, claim dignity for themselves and to try and change the unjust destitution laws so there is equality and justice. 

Bristol Refugee Rights theatre group are creating a theatre show which will give audiences a glimpse in to what it is like to leave their country of origin, to journey 1000's of miles with the dream of finding safety, only to arrive and find destitution and discrimination. If you aren't sure about going on the march because you don't understand the problems, then go see this performance on 20th June first.

Theatre: Listen to Our Story
Thursday 20th June, 7pm, acta Centre

An original play by asylum seekers and refugees living in Bristol.
On the long road to having their genuine claim for asylum recognised, they meet many hardships, of a different kind to those they knew at home, but sometimes almost as difficult to bear. 

They tell their story with warmth, humour and dignity, leaving audiences laughing, sad and moved to act.

This play is written and performed by members of Bristol Refugee Rights, from their own direct experience, and is part of the growing national campaign to end the forced destitution of asylum seekers.

At the Acta Centre, Bedminster
You can also see the show on Monday 8th July as part of acta’s Get Together festival.

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