Monday 1 July 2013

Support and solidarity from Ireland against destitution.

As well as demonstrations happening all over the UK, the Rossport Solidarity Camp in Ireland  sent us a message of solidarity on Saturday, supporting us in calling for the end of destitution.

The message from Rossport in Ireland:
London No Borders, Klevis Kola, the London Anti-Raids Network, Stop Deportations,  No One IS Illegal campaign and Calais Migrant Solidarity send this message of solidarity in support of Bristol Dignity for Asylum Seekers in their fight against destitution.
Destitution means no housing, no financial support, no right to work, no access to education, limited access to healthcare, and no recognition, only harassment from the state.Governments’ policies on migration are designed to force and trap people into destitution. No one should be destitute.
We support and we are inspired by all those who demand an end to destitution in the face of, and irrespective of attempts to exclude them from society and silence their voices.  We will continue to challenge and resist unjust, degrading and oppressive policies and policy makers. End destitution now!
Bristol Dignity for Asylum Seekers campaign and all others marching today … We stand with you !

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