Saturday 31 May 2014

Battling bushes and crossing the bridge to Wales - Day 2

Triumphant arrival at Old Passage - We made it!
This was our first full day walking, it was tough! We walked from Shirehampton to Old Passage, which was around 9 miles, on overgrown and muddy paths, the goat's head and bum had to be separated and carried for some of it, because she just didn't fit. We were very pleased to arrive to Old Passage, a hamlet near the Severn Bridge, to meet with some others who came to join us. 

We had lunch and a group meeting to plan our crossing of the bridge, before setting off.
 Crossing the bridge felt amazing, it was noisy, with amazing views and we had a holiday feeling.

When we arrived on the other side of the bridge we celebrated with dancing, singing and playing drums.

These signs welcomed us to Chepstow!

We celebrated our arrival to Chepstow Methodist by dancing outside of the church, before going inside to enjoy the homemade cakes they had made for us. We are so blessed and grateful by their amazing hospitality and especially their shower!

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