Saturday 31 May 2014

Our other Journeys

With our scapegoat, costumes and signs we are actively challenging people to notice us and engage with us, being in a public space, walking under our own steam, we invite people to empathise with us. They are impressed by our big journey to Cardiff and worried for the discomforts and difficulties we could face along the way.

But we ask what about our bigger journeys when we came to here, what about the hardships we suffered and the terrible, difficult, even deadly journeys refugees face when they flee and the ongoing perpetual state of waiting, not for 5 days, but even 5 years or more of waiting, discomfort and hardship. Our journeys to safety are long, difficult and not over yet, please emphathise with this and help us move closer to the finish line.

Look out for more posts about this throughout today.

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