Wednesday 2 July 2014

Hussein out of Campsfield - letting the fruit grow

Dear all the supporters,
Thank you very much for being shade over my head protecting me from the heat.
Thank you for for this amazing support, including donations. You have been so amazing by helping everyone who needs your help. Specially to us asylum seekers. You are the rain to the earth, if there was no rain, no fruit will grow (we asylum seekers). You all stood up as one fighting against the injustice. This is solidarity. This is integration. Thank you and again.I hope I will stand beside everyone who needs me, as you people helped me.
piggy back celebration!
Last Friday Hussein walked free from Campsfield immigration prison and we had a very very happy celebratory reunion – dancing, tree climbing, singing, smiling. 

Thank you to all of you who contributed to ensure his freedom and to challenge the Home Office's unjust decision making. Our campaigning inspired and motivated the barristers and solicitors who represented Hussein and it created some accountability in the Home Office and the bail Judge's decision making.

This week the Home Office tried to deport Amar to Italy.

Amar, along with five other refugees, is part of an important test case at the Supreme Court. Their lawyers are currently preparing a crucial appeal based on UN evidence. This appeal could overturn a previous ruling allowing Italy deportations. The Home Office seems to be trying to get Amar out of the country before it can come to court. This battle is not just f or Amar, but for hundreds of refugees...[including Hussein]

Effective public campaigning and legal work has just stopped this deportation! We hope to join these campaigns together to try to stop all deportations to Italy, until there is a fair and just asylum process there. If you would like to be involved in this fight, and/or the work of the Dignity group, please sign up for the relevant updates here:

Hussein is currently bailed to the Cardiff regional asylum dispersal centre. We are lobbying the Home Office to ensure he is 'dispersed' to Bristol, so he can rejoin his community and be active again in Bristol Refugee Rights, FoodCycle and Dignity Group.

The Bristol Refugee Rights Advice and Advocacy service (AID) will continue to support him through the ongoing legal process. However, BRR is facing severe funding cuts and are fundraising so they can keep the AID service open for all asylum seekers. If you can commit to give just £2 a month to the aid team you can help support Hussein and others get ongoing advice and advocacy from BRR AID team.

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Thank you again for standing with Hussein and standing up for a fair and just asylum system.

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