Saturday 13 December 2014

Listen to speakers from BRR Detention Inquiry Public Meeting

"We are humans. We flee war. We can't go in the sky. we can't go under the ground. We just have this one world"

On Wednesday 17th December hundreds of people packed out the Malcolm X Centre in Bristol, home to the Bristol Refugee Rights (BRR) Welcome Centre to hear and learn from a panel of well informed and passionate people.
  • Beth Cooper, BRR - Introduction to the night and speakers, "Human Rights Day 365"   listen 
  • Alice Cutler, BRR - Introduction to the Speakers, Campaign goals and action ideas  Listen 
  • JP - he takes us on a moving guided storytelling tour of the detention system from waking up at home in the morning, to finding yourself in a cell. Listen 
  • Melanie Griffiths, Asylum Welcome- A History of the Immigration Prison Complex and Expansion Plans  Listen 
  • Bashir, BRR - 26 months in detention Listen 
  • BRR 1st Recommendation listen 
  • Eiri Ohtani, Detention Forum listen 
  • BRR 2nd Recommendation listen 
  • Abdul, BRR - detained despite  being a victim of torture listen  
  • BRR 3rd Recommendation listen 
  • BRR 4th Recommendation listen 
  • Signing Support, Visitors Group and Long Walk to Patchway Campaign listen 
  • Questions to Panel  listen

Please sign the petition and share these powerful stories with friends.

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