Tuesday 31 July 2012

Eight detentions is eight too many

Today I was in the police station to sign for UKBA as I do every week. I left the police station and returned to the drop-in centre for asylum seekers to do my duty as a chef. Later one of my friend told me that eight people been detained and she said that two of them are asylum seekers but has no details about the others.

I really feeling sad. Because still Bristol is City of Sanctuary but is not safe for the asylum seeker. We are feeling unsafe, nervous and stressed when we go to sign at police station. In my opinion, UKBA does not listen to us and so we need to work hard for human rights of asylum seeker, we need asylum seekers to get organised, we need existing organisations to support us and we need everyone to learn more about asylum seekers, ask me questions.

We want to have our dignity back, which UKBA and Home Office want to scrap. They don't want to listen. They want to carry on with the process of detaining asylum seekers.

This is the beginning of a path towards a dictatorial government, because if they scrap human rights for asylum seekers today, tomorrow they will do for another kind of person living in Bristol.

We have a lot of experience of this issue in our countries, how they changed to become dictatorships.

I hope not happen in this country because society is beautiful together and united.

by Esam Amin

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