Friday 6 July 2012

My life waiting....

My name is Esam. I am from Iraq. I am Kurdish. I would like to share my experiences with you.

I have been in the UK for 5 years, since November 2007. My case has been refused by the home office and I am really living with a lot of stress and feeling sad, because I can't go back to my country as it is too unsafe for me, there is still a risk for my life. 

In 2011 the UK home office decided not to send people back to Iraq, because it is unsafe. This is based on rule 39 from the European Court of Human Rights

We asylum seekers live a hard life without housing or benefits and also we have no right to work to improve our lives or rent a house. We can't pay for our study to improve our English, which we need in our daily lives. When I go anywhere, they ask me for Home Office letter which I haven't got or leave to remain. I hope the Home Office change their decisions about asylum seekers like me and let us start our lives here as I can not live there because my life was in risk. This is why I fled and came here. I claimed asylum to find a place of safety and peace.

At the moment I volunteer at Bristol Refugee Rights, Bristol Hospitality Network and the Tuesday Drop-in group in St Nicholas Church. I am a chef, so I do lot of cooking. I also made a film and sometimes I do interpreting, as best I can. 

I hope they stop the signing at the police station as it makes me feel I am not safe from detention and also deportation. We need people in Bristol from different organisations to support us and help us to survive in the hard life I and other asylum seekers have in the UK.

I am waiting for your help and support. Thank you very much for giving me your time to read my short article.

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