Sunday 1 June 2014

The longest miles - thanks for the support - Day 3

We set off from Chepstow, via the Castle and the busy High street (people looked a bit confused, but were friendly!)

We walked along lanes, past horses and sheep, we made friends with some animals 

The Cor Cochion Caerd ydd (Cardiff Reds Choir) joined us at Shirenewton and walked a few miles with us.

We had Lunch and some of us played in the park.

After lunch we had to pick up the pace, because we had done much less than half of the walk, we had around 11 miles to go and if we walked at the same pace we wouldn't arrive until after 10pm. So no more stopping to talk to animals!

It was really hard, many of us were already quite tired, we encouraged each other and we made it to Newport by 8pm!

We stayed in a church which was built by Irish immigrants and has a congregation from around the world. 

People from the Newport Rising group came and hung out with us in the evening and we made plans to join them the next day for Breakfast.

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